bummerI’ve just read a thread on the OTN forums in which someone accidentally deleted his or her APEX application. The first and sole possible solution that comes to my mind in a situation like this is to apply the latest back-up (if you are lucky to have one). However, Application Express offers – in an indirect way – a pretty impressive alternative. I am talking about the flashback functionality when exporting a page or application. This means you can perform an export of your page or app as if it was x minutes ago, even if your page or app is deleted.

After I finished reading the thread on OTN, I had a look on Google to find out more on this matter. I came across a great article of P. Raganitsch that demonstrates how easy it is to recover a deleted page. This article however does not apply to the recovery of deleted applications. Submitting the application export page, after adding an extra <option> element, results in being redirected to the workspace login page or an error (Error processing condition. ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row).

Nevertheless, the steps required to recover a deleted application are very similar to P. Raganitsch’s method. Here is a quick how-to overview:

  1. let’s say I accidentally deleted an application with ID 100
  2. create a new APEX application with the same ID of the deleted application, in this case ID 100
  3. export the application you just created, and fill in the As of field with the appropriate number of minutes
  4. import the generated .sql export file

Credits go to “Kofi”, the person who suggested this technique in the OTN thread.

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