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My APEX Plugins

I’m involved in the development of the following APEX plugins. All of these projects are completely open source. Drop me a note if you want to get involved.

Live Validation

The APEX Live Validation plugin lets you create client-side form validations in just a few mouse clicks without having to write a single line of JavaScript code. The APEX plugin is built on top of a self made jQuery plugin that was created specifically for client-side validation handling in APEX. The minimum required version for the APEX plugin is 4.1. Older versions, however, can use the jQuery plugin instead.


The APEX Select2 plugin is based on Select2; an open-source jQuery plugin that greatly improves the functionality and user-friendliness of select lists. In Oracle Application Express, it serves as a replacement for three pre-defined item types: select lists, shuttles and text fields with autocomplete.


This APEX plugin is built on top of Alertify; a lightweight jQuery plugin that introduces elegant browser pop-ups and Growl-like notifications.


40 thoughts on “My APEX Plugins

    1. Hi Tobin,

      Well, I don’t use Twitter Bootstrap in my plugins, but it’s true that I’m using a custom APEX theme built with Twitter Bootstrap for the demo and documentation pages.


  1. I’m using the jquery plugin but what should I use for a success callback? I see a lot of things in the case of a non-valid form but none on the case it is a success. I want to save an object if it is a valid..


  2. Hi…good job you have!!! I am new in Apex world and I’d like how to use a boostrap in Apex…Can you give some advice????


      1. Hi Nick. I tryed to install Alertify in APEX 5.0, and I cant get it to work. Is it possible to get an export of the demo page, so can I see how it done? I’m an novise in programming.


  3. Hi Nick
    i was trying on APEX 5 (Universal theme)
    event when page load but the notification did’nt popup.

    Thanks and regards


  4. Your alertify plugin.. I know its from 2013 but I found a use for it in an APEX 5 application and just was wondering how hard it would be to make it look like a theme 42 form..

    Thank you,

    Tony Miller
    LuvMuffin Software
    Los Alamos, NM


        1. Yes, you can use a page item for the Alertify message. It supports two kinds of substitution syntax:

          Static substitution: replaces a placeholder during rendering of the page – e.g. &P30_MY_MESSAGE.
          Dynamic substitution: replaces a placeholder with the current value of the browser – e.g. #P30_MY_MESSAGE#


  5. Hello,
    i have a problem with the select2 plugin on apex 5.0.3.
    On my site i have one apex standard select item and one group select item (selectv2).
    The group select item depends (cascade) on the apex standard select item.
    But the content of the group select item is not refreshed when i change my selection in the apex standard select item.

    Do you have any idea about the problem?

    Regards Dave


    1. Hey Dave, I have tried to reproduce your problem, but it seems to work for me. Do you have a test case on apex.oracle.com? That way, I can take a closer look at your exact situation.



  6. Nick, I am trying to use your alertify plugin for my APEX 5 app. It works great. I was wondering if there is a way to override the default browser alerts that come up when we call raise_application_error. I would prefer the standard alertify dialog to come up instead of the ugly message thrown by different browsers. Is that possible?


    1. I’m afraid that’s not possible. Alertify is a dynamic action plugin and APEX doesn’t let you fire dynamic actions when error messages are shown.

      Why don’t you style the default error message? I guess you are talking about the error page message? Page templates include an “Error Page Template” so that you can change the content and style of the error page message.

      Hope that helps,


  7. Hi Nick,

    I have struck a couple of issues with the fabulous Select2 plug-in (v2.6.4 on APEX I have work arounds for both, but I thought you’d like to know about them.

    I wish to add an extra class to some of my Select2 items. If I add the class to the Advanced->CSS Classes attribute, the class is not included in the document. My work around was to add class=”my-new-class” into the Advanced->Custom Attributes attribute instead.

    Also I struck a problem on a Select2 item (Single-value Select List) that contains colons (:) in the data (it’s a list of times, e.g. 09:00). After selecting a value and saving it in session state, when the page is refreshed the data in the item is truncated from the first colon, even though the item saved properly in session state. I realised the problem was probably caused by the default separator for Multi Select Items being a colon. My work around was to change the plugin setup – I changed the Condition Expression for the Source Value Separator custom attribute to include SINGLE as well as MULTI,TAG. That way I was able to specify the separator character for Single-select items. Setting this to caret (^) to override the default of colon (:) fixed my problem.

    Let me know if you’d like me to set up an example on apex.oracle.com.

    Thanks again for the great plug-in. We love it (and I still owe you 2 beers).


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for sharing your workarounds. An example on apex.oracle.com is not needed. Your explanation is clear enough. I will consider your remarks for the next version of the plugin.



  8. Thanks for the copy of the demo application. Is there a reference to files on internet in the app, cant find any? My Oracle installation is on a closed network, and the application looks bad and don’t works as intended? But when I install it on apexea.oracle.com, it works fine.


    1. I don’t think I’m referencing files from the internet in the demo app.

      Is it possible that your APEX installation is not fully configured? That could explain the difference between apexea.oracle.com and your private APEX instance. Take a look at your browser’s console while running the demo application. That should give you a better insight in why the application doesn’t work as expected.

      Please read the following article for more info: http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/apex-5-0-there-are-issues-with-the-configuration-of-the-static-files-in-your-environment/

      “Without fixing it, none of your Static Workspace, Application, Plug-in and Theme files will work anymore.”


  9. Hi Nick,

    Could you please give an example how to use the alertify.confim in javascript?
    I can use alertify.alert and it works.
    I tried to find the documentation, and found from the original alertify.
    Could this be applied to APEX?

    // confirm dialog
    alertify.confirm("Message", function (e) {
        if (e) {
            // user clicked "ok"
        } else {
            // user clicked "cancel"

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Troy,

      Yes, the JavaScript code you have there can be applied in APEX. You can for example create a dynamic action which executes JavaScript code and use the following code:

      alertify.confirm("Is your name Troy?", function(e) {
        if (e) {
          alert("Hello Troy.");
        } else {
          alert("Hello Anonymous.");

      There’s one catch though. The alertify namespace is only available if you have an Alertify dynamic action on your page. The reason behind this is that APEX adds plugin files (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.) to pages only when it’s necessary. It wouldn’t make sense to always add all plugin files to all pages, even if you don’t use a single plugin.

      You can of course add the plugin files manually to your page if you don’t want to use a dummy dynamic action.



  10. Nick,
    I have a question on the alertify plugin again. When using the prompt mode of the plugin and calling via a dynamic action, how do we get access to that entered value? ALso the same for the confirmation mode? How do we in a dynamic action get access to the Ok or Cancel value returned?


    1. Maxime Tremblay is working on an APEX application that allows you to generate custom Select2 CSS code based on your APEX theme. It might be available in the near future…

      In the meantime, you should be able to overwrite the Select2 CSS code yourself to match the dark APEX theme. Change the color of the text, borders and background for example.

      The following thread on OTN might be helpful:


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