Expert Oracle APEX book cover

The second edition of the Expert Oracle Application Express book is available to purchase since August 13. You can order it from the Apress or Amazon website. The book has been updated for APEX 5.0 and includes 15 chapters, written by 14 different authors. Good for a total of over 620 pages. All revenues of the Expert Oracle Application Express book go to charity. See below a listing of the book’s chapters and their respective writers.

  1. Page Designer, by Denes Kubicek
  2. Oracle REST Data Services, by John Scott
  3. Oracle APEX 5.0 Charts Inside Out, by Dimitri Gielis
  4. Tabular Forms, by Denes Kubicek
  5. Team Development, by Roel Hartman
  6. Globalization, by Francis Mignault
  7. Debugging, by Doug Gault
  8. Dynamic Actions, by Martin Giffy D’Souza
  9. Lifecycle Management, by Nick Buytaert
  10. Plugins, by Dan McGhan
  11. jQuery with APEX, by Tom Petrus
  12. Map Integration, by Christoph Ruepprich
  13. Themes and Templates, by Jorge Rimblas
  14. Report Printing, by Karen Cannell
  15. Working with APEX Collections, by Raj Mattamal

As you might have noticed, I have written the chapter on Lifecycle Management. The main part of this chapter guides you through the steps of incorporating a set of powerful tools and practices that take APEX development to the next level. After reading the chapter, you should be able to apply continuous integration (CI) techniques to your own APEX projects. You will learn, for example, the basics of Maven, Liquibase and Jenkins in order to create a fully automated build system for APEX applications. The benefits of having a clear build strategy includes faster defect detection, improved code stability and flexible application deployment.

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to deepen his or her insight and understanding of Oracle Application Express.